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Playing the state lottery gives you the chance to win lots of money and make all your dreams come true. The trick is to choose the winning lottery numbers. Picking lucky lotto numbers is mostly up to chance but there are some tricks that savvy players use. Some lotto players swear by one set of lucky numbers that they play over and over. Other people rely on the stars or statistics to find their luck.

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What Are the Most Common Winning Lottery Numbers?

Studies of lottery winning numbers show that these numbers are the most common winning Powerball ticket numbers: 20, 37, 2, 31 and 35. Other frequent numbers are 42, 16, 26 and 19. Some people think that if you play those numbers, your chances will be better. But just because those have shown up often in the past doesn't mean they will show up more often in the future. Instead of using the most common winning numbers, you can try picking the least common. The idea is that since they haven't shown up for a while, the chances are that they will soon. The numbers 3, 24, 51, 8, and 23 are relatively rare. As logical as this sounds, the truth is that every number has an equal chance of showing up every time. So any set of random numbers that feel lucky to you are just as likely to show up as any other set.

How do I Improve My Chances of Winning the Lottery?

Choosing the right lucky number is the best way to win the lottery but that's not easy to do. You can increase the odds of winning the lotto slightly if you:

  • Join a lottery pool
  • Buy more than one ticket
  • Don't use dates - makes it less likely that you will have to share the prize
  • Keep your tickets safe
  • Find a good way to generate random lucky numbers

Our lucky number pickers make it easy to find random lucky numbers to play. Just click on one of our lucky number picker games and let it create your numbers for you. Either go with the Wizard for a completely random chance or let your stars influence the outcome with our Horoscope lucky number picker or try one of our other fun tools. The lotto is a game of random chance so any kind of tool that produces random numbers can help you pick a lotto winner.

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