5 Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers

So many numbers, So little time

Talk to just about anyone and they’ll have their own opinion on how best to play the lottery. Picking numbers can be a well-thought-out process for some, while others go on impulse. If you are searching for a way to pick lottery numbers that works for you, it’s helpful to look at how others (including lottery experts) do it—and give your method time to work. Also remember, if you want to win, you have to start by playing.

  1. Use the birthdays of loved ones

    Choose lucky numbers that are near and dear to your heart. Mix your birthday month, day and year with those of your loved ones. For instance, if your birth month and day is 12/7 and your grandmother’s birthday is 8/29/1932, you might come up with 12-7-8-29-31.

  2. Consult horoscopes, numerology or fortune cookies.

    Are your winning numbers written in the stars? Daily horoscopes, numerology reports, and fortune cookies can give you a personalized set of numbers to play.

  3. Pick hot or overdue numbers

    Hot or not? Choose numbers based on how often they have been drawn. Lottery frequency charts can show you which numbers are “hot” and which are “overdue.” Hot numbers are those that have been winning often while overdue numbers are those that have not come up in a drawing for a long time. Look for both types of numbers and play sequences with one or the other, or a combination of both.

  4. Create a pattern or picture on the playing card

    Embrace your inner child. Another approach is to create a pattern or picture out of the numbers on your playing slip. This is fun way to randomly select a unique set of numbers the next time you play the lottery.

  5. Random selection

    When in doubt, choose numbers without rhyme or reason. Some experts suggest randomly picking numbers may even increase your chances of winning more. By selecting numbers at random, the combination is less likely to have been picked by someone else.

What are the Best Lottery Numbers?
Is there such a thing as the best lottery numbers? Is there a numbers based approach that works? There is no clear-cut answer to these questions. However, there are undoubtedly numbers that are more frequently seen during drawings.

Again, the answer to “what are the best lottery numbers” are is going to vary. One thing many frequent players do is look on lottery websites to gather information. For example, some lottery sites offer how many times a particular number has been drawn. One example of this is on Washington’s Lottery website. You can find out how frequently specific numbers are picked for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto, Hit5, Match4, Daily Game, and Daily Keno. On other websites, you can look recent drawings and see if there are any numbers that stand out in their frequency.

Another great resource for finding the “best lottery numbers” is to do an internet search. Many people have compiled the information for you. As you decide how you want to pick lottery numbers and become more consistent in playing, you can also see if there are best numbers for you, meaning ones that tend to earn you winnings.

How are Lottery Numbers Calculated?
When you talk about calculating lottery numbers, most people are talking about your odds of winning the lottery. The odds are calculated by the number of winning lottery numbers by the total number of possible lottery numbers. That’s the the foundation of the formula, but for people who are interested, you can find out more on Wikipedia’s lottery mathematics page.

What is the Luckiest Number in the Lottery?
Those who hold winning tickets will probably tell you the numbers on their ticket happen to be the luckiest. And in their case, it’s true. Overall though, is there a luckiest number? Is there a number that gets picked more frequently than any other? The answer is yes. Of course, it may change and shift over time, but in general some of the luckiest numbers may be the most frequently drawn, which you can find when entering a search like “frequently drawn Powerball numbers.”

However, don’t discount numbers that mean something to you. It never hurts to throw in your personal lucky number, a loved one’s age or birthday, or something meaningful to you.

5 Ways to Pick Your Lottery Numbers?
How to pick your lottery numbers may be one of the most common questions asked. The goal is to win the lottery jackpot, or to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Here are 5 ways people get the job done:

Random selection – Some people really do love to leave everything to chance. They walk into the store, hand over the money, and specify that the quick pick will work just fine. There are plenty of winners that will tell you it worked for them. That said, you can still increase your odds of winning a few ways. First of all, you have to buy a ticket. Another way is to buy a few tickets. If you want to have a bigger chance but can’t afford a lot of tickets, consider joining a lottery pool. In a group-win situation you may walk away with a bit less, but it is likely more than what you started with.

Pick hot or overdue numbers – This is a great method for people who love to research and get analytical about the process. Start by looking at frequently picked numbers. On some sites, it will even tell you how many days it’s been since it was last picked (which means it may be overdue). In general, you can select a nice combination of hot picks, and if you want to, go for the hot picks that are well overdue to be drawn. Another approach is to throw caution to the wind and go for all numbers that are overdue—even the less frequently drawn ones. You never know—it may end up being a winning combination.

Sentimental picks – Many people love the sentimental pick method. This means important dates, birthdays of loved ones, or ages of family members. You can find a rhythm for this method as well. Do you want to do the same dates or birthdays, or mix it up each time? It will be up to you which you think works best for picking your lottery numbers.

Supernatural guidance – Are you someone who thinks the universe can provide the answers? Does your horoscope have lucky numbers listed out each day? There are those out there who use horoscopes, numerology, or fortune cookies to choose their numbers. Or you can even create your own guide to what you think the universe is guiding you to pick. It can be a fun method to try. Use numbers that keep popping up in your life, or whatever floats into your head when it’s time to choose.

Create a pattern or picture on your card – Why not use a little artistic ability to choose your numbers? If people use patterns to create PIN numbers, why not use them to pick lottery numbers? You can try drawing a picture with the numbers you choose, or make a cool pattern on your card.

How you pick lottery numbers is a personal preference. If it’s something you’re ready to figure out, check out the methods and find one that feels like a fit for you. Although you may want to change how you do it from time-to-time, give each some room to work. More importantly, you can create your own method if you want to. Who knows—you may be the person that discovers how to find the winning numbers