Pick, play and win with our Horoscope Number Picker!

Pick, play and win with our Horoscope Number Picker!
If you like to guide your life by the stars, our horoscope lucky numbers are the best way for you to choose your winning numbers. They are sets of lottery numbers randomly chosen based on your sign and the astrological influences currently working to influence you and events that surround you.

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Which Are My Lucky Numbers?

Your particular lucky numbers are the ones that the tool generates when you select your sign and then click on the button marked SHOW MY LUCKY NUMBERS. Naturally, these numbers will change from day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute as the stars move through the skies. Even so, the choices that the tool generates are going to reflect the general tendencies that your sign is going through at the moment. This means each lucky number you see is more likely to be lucky for you.

Does a Particular Sign Have a Better Chance of Winning the Lottery?

A lottery horoscope can tell you if you are especially lucky at any given time but no one sign has a better chance overall of winning the lottery. Some people believe that some signs have more luck than others depending on the influence of the stars. Here is what astrology tells us about the overall chances of winning for each sign:

  • Aries are adventurous so they try their luck more often. The more you play, the more you win is a saying that applies especially well to Aries.
  • Taurus are more cautious but their need for security and romantic look on life tempts them to play the lottery now and then.
  • Gemini have the most to benefit from lucky numbers by horoscopes as they sometimes have difficulty making a decision.
  • Cancer are another careful sign but they can let their emotions get away from them. Choosing lucky numbers by horoscope appeals to their imaginative and whimsical side.
  • Leo loves luxury and is open-minded about the chances with the lottery. Dreaming of the high life can tempt a Leo into playing the lottery more often and maybe even winning more often!
  • Virgo can overthink things sometimes. This is why the lottery horoscope tool is perfect - no thinking required.
  • Libra likes to get other opinions before deciding on anything so without a lucky number tool or friend to guide them, they might not play the lottery enough to win.
  • Scorpios live life to the fullest. If they play the lottery, they play to win.
  • Sagittarius love to have fun. While their intelligent nature might scoff at a horoscope lucky number picker, they are game to try anything.
  • Capricorn are good candidates to win the lottery. They never give up and persistence often pays off when it comes to playing the lottery.
  • Aquarius are hard to predict. With the stars in the right place and the right numbers, anything is possible.
  • Pisces love to help others so when they win the lottery, their friends and family are winners too.

If you believe that the stars can influence your luck, choosing your numbers by astrological sign is another way to boost that luck. This means that even someone whose sign may not be going through a particularly lucky period can improve their chances.