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    How Tarot Card Readings Can Help You Win the Lottery
    There are many ways to seek guidance on playing the lottery, including reading top player strategies, reviewing “hot” and “overdue” numbers, and discussing tips in lottery forums. However, sometimes we need guidance from a more "spiritual" source, and getting a tarot card reading is a great way to understand what your future holds, as well as determine whether it includes winning the lottery!
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    How to Select Lottery Numbers Using Your Horoscope
    There are so many ways to select lottery numbers – birthdays, anniversaries, important dates in history – that it can often be overwhelming to choose which ones to play. One of our favorite ways to select lottery numbers is based on the current astrological influences at play around us. Our Horoscope Number Picker creates a set of lottery numbers that are randomly chosen based on your astrological sign. Try it!