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Whether you have been playing the lottery regularly for years or are just learning the ropes, hitting the jackpot is most certainly your main goal. Online lottery tools, free for your use, can help ensure that you give yourself the best possible odds of meeting that goal. Please read on to find out just how these lottery tools and resources can improve your experience as you play your favorite lottery games.

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Jackpot Analysis

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Saturday April 20 2019

$136 Million

Cash Option ($83.6 Million)

Annual Gross Payment 25% Federal Withholding No State Withholding Annual Net Payment
$136,000,000.00 -$34,000,000.00 -$0.00 -$102,000,000.00

Annuity ($136 Million in 30 Annual Payments)

Year Annual Gross Payment 25% Federal Withholding No State Withholding Annual Net Payment
1 $2,424,893.48 -$606,223.37 -$0.00 $1,818,670.11
2 $2,521,889.22 -$630,472.31 -$0.00 $1,891,416.92
3 $2,622,764.79 -$655,691.20 -$0.00 $1,967,073.59
4 $2,727,675.38 -$681,918.85 -$0.00 $2,045,756.54
5 $2,836,782.40 -$709,195.60 -$0.00 $2,127,586.80
6 $2,950,253.69 -$737,563.42 -$0.00 $2,212,690.27
7 $3,068,263.84 -$767,065.96 -$0.00 $2,301,197.88
8 $3,190,994.39 -$797,748.60 -$0.00 $2,393,245.80
9 $3,318,634.17 -$829,658.54 -$0.00 $2,488,975.63
10 $3,451,379.54 -$862,844.88 -$0.00 $2,588,534.65
11 $3,589,434.72 -$897,358.68 -$0.00 $2,692,076.04
12 $3,733,012.11 -$933,253.03 -$0.00 $2,799,759.08
13 $3,882,332.59 -$970,583.15 -$0.00 $2,911,749.44
14 $4,037,625.90 -$1,009,406.47 -$0.00 $3,028,219.42
15 $4,199,130.93 -$1,049,782.73 -$0.00 $3,149,348.20
16 $4,367,096.17 -$1,091,774.04 -$0.00 $3,275,322.13
17 $4,541,780.02 -$1,135,445.00 -$0.00 $3,406,335.01
18 $4,723,451.22 -$1,180,862.80 -$0.00 $3,542,588.41
19 $4,912,389.26 -$1,228,097.32 -$0.00 $3,684,291.95
20 $5,108,884.83 -$1,277,221.21 -$0.00 $3,831,663.63
21 $5,313,240.23 -$1,328,310.06 -$0.00 $3,984,930.17
22 $5,525,769.84 -$1,381,442.46 -$0.00 $4,144,327.38
23 $5,746,800.63 -$1,436,700.16 -$0.00 $4,310,100.47
24 $5,976,672.66 -$1,494,168.16 -$0.00 $4,482,504.49
25 $6,215,739.56 -$1,553,934.89 -$0.00 $4,661,804.67
26 $6,464,369.14 -$1,616,092.29 -$0.00 $4,848,276.86
27 $6,722,943.91 -$1,680,735.98 -$0.00 $5,042,207.93
28 $6,991,861.67 -$1,747,965.42 -$0.00 $5,243,896.25
29 $7,271,536.13 -$1,817,884.03 -$0.00 $5,453,652.10
30 $7,562,397.58 -$1,890,599.39 -$0.00 $5,671,798.18
Total Gross Payment Total Federal Withholding Total State Withholding Total Annual Net Payment
$13600000000 -$3400000000 -$0.00 $10200000000
Free Online Number Generators

Among the most popular of free lottery tools is the number generator, which makes picking lottery numbers quick and easy – and totally random. According to ABC news, about 70 percent of past lottery winners have won their prizes with numbers picked randomly by lottery software, such as quick pick and online number generator services. Since the winning numbers are drawn randomly, it makes sense to many experienced lottery players that picking their lucky numbers the same way could increase their chances of winning with their lottery tickets

Online Lottery Numbers Checkers

Checking your numbers against lottery results has never been easier or more convenient. Online number checkers make it simple to find out if you are holding winning lottery tickets. From the comfort of your own home, you can check your current tickets for matches with the winning numbers from all the major drawings. If you have a stack of unchecked tickets from previous drawings, you can run their numbers also, to check for wins as far back as 180 days.

Lotto Frequency Charts

These charts track the number of times numbers are drawn in your favorite lottery games, to let you know which numbers tend to be drawn most often. For lottery players who prefer to pick their own lucky numbers, knowing which numbers are hot and which are not – and may be overdue for a hit – can be a very useful strategy for people who want to increase their odds of winning the lottery.

Jackpot Alerts

Online jackpot notifications are another favorite among free lottery tools. These alerts keep you up to date on current jackpot levels in the lottery games that you like to play. You can simply track all jackpots, or you can set up alerts specific to your needs. Perhaps you only buy lottery tickets when the jackpot soars to new heights, or maybe you prefer to play when jackpots are smaller and less competitive. Setting up jackpot alerts according to your own personal preferences is easy, and doing so can make tracking jackpot levels for lottery games you play regularly, effortless. This ensures that you can put your lucky numbers into play when you feel your chances of winning are at their peak.

Online Lottery Pools

If you are looking for ways to increase your chances of winning the lottery, lottery pools are a great way to go. Joining a lottery pool means pooling the money you plan to use for lottery tickets with contributions from a group of other lottery players. More money means more tickets in play, increasing the odds of a win. Of course, any winnings must be split among all members of the pool. While they do have advantages for lottery enthusiasts, setting up lottery pools in person – in the office or among friends and family – can be a complicated process. Online lottery pools offer the same advantages in a much more convenient package, since many of the more tedious details are handled for you, such as establishing rules for your lottery pool, collecting and tracking funds, purchasing tickets, checking numbers and dividing potential prizes fairly, among other details.

Other Handy Resources and Lottery Tools, Free Online

Other helpful free online lottery tools include smart pickers, which can help you choose hot number combinations to increase the odds of winning, and lottery analyzers, which offer a wealth of vital lottery information all in one place, including odds, lottery results, winners, advanced number picks, prize amount breakdowns and much more. Free online resources for lottery players include tips and strategies that may help improve your odds of hitting the winning numbers, as well as important information on how to play specific lotto games, track lottery results efficiently and claim your prizes when you win.

​​​​​So, the bottom line for you, the lottery player with dreams of hitting it big with a jackpot win, is that our great selection of free lottery tools, information and resources can give you the edge you need to maximize your chances of success.