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The Smart Way to Generate Your Lucky Numbers
Picking lottery numbers can be an agonizing choice. Should I pick my mother's birthday? Is my dog's age lucky? What numbers won last time? Should I play those or should I avoid them? Maybe I should just play the smart pick lottery number choice and take the quick pick numbers. No matter which method you decide to use, it's really a random decision.

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In reality, any or all of these options are probably just as likely to get you winning lottery numbers because at the end, each number on the winning lottery ticket is really just a random number. This is where our lottery number generator can be a big help. Just tell the Wizard Number Picker how many lines of numbers you want to play and it will generate a set of numbers you can use to play the lottery. You don't even have to write them down. We'll email your numbers to you so you can print them out and play them at your local retailer or online.

How Are My Lucky Numbers Picked?

The lucky numbers are created by the Wizard using a computer program that generates a sequence of numbers that you couldn't predict would occur except just by random chance. Since random chance is the way that the real lottery numbers are picked, this is a way to simulate the real drawing. If you're lucky, your numbers will come up just like in real life. According to most lottery operators, over half of winning numbers are chosen using random methods like quick pick or other methods like our Wizard.

So, choosing your numbers using our lottery number picker is just as likely to get you a winning set without the stress of remembering your mother's birthday or agonizing over which of your relevant numbers are lucky.